Android SmartPhone/Tablet



Dance along with Robopop or have Robopop mimic your voice! Robopop is an augmented reality app that transforms a dancing Robopop with music onto your Robopop labelled bottle of water. The app also has a separate Talking Robo feature that has Robopop repeating what you say in a funny high-pitched voice. You can see Robopop's quick and funny reactions as you touch and poke at him!
Direction for AR Robo:
Select Robo AR and point the app camera at different sections of the Robopop bottle of water or you can print the image marker from our website. You will see Robopop come to life and start dancing away to Techno music. By pressing menu button you can visit our website or connect to our Facebook page. You can also download our Free game from the front page and enjoy hours of Robo and his friends.