Robopop Water is the first of its kind.

We have introduced to market an everyday beverage product that contains the latest technology tied to today's Mobile and Smart-Device users. Every day more and more kids have their own Smart Phones and Tablets on hand, playing and networking amongst friends.

We created a product that grabs the attention of this generation of kids by providing them with digital entertainment content tied to the RoboPop Water bottle.

As part of the whole ecosystem of products for Robopop we have launched the following:

  • Beverage - Clean refreshing drinking water
  • APP Games - Both in Apple and Google Play format
  • Clothing Line - T-Shirts and Hats
  • Augmented Reality - Robopop comes to life on the bottle and entertains the consumer for hours on end
  • Coming Soon - We wil be constantly updating the games and introducing new content to keep our product fresh and cool

Robopop Water is waiting for YOU!